Mom Looses A Bet And Pays Off Big Time

One night my stepmother and I were watching a TV game show together in our living room. A question came up that we were both sure we new the answer too. However both our answers were different. So naturally we wanted to bet on it. First it was stupid little things like who buys and Ice cream for who..etc, but the bet kept on escalating and stated to turn sexual. Finally, we decided that if she lost she would get naked and masturbate herself for me. If I lost, I had to jack off for her..She lost. So I make mom strip nude light up a cigarette and masturbate for me. After a minute or so I was so turned on that I dropped my pants and you can hear me spanking the monkey behind the camera. The next day I go down to my room and my stepmother is naked on my bed. She wanted to play some more. I make her get down and start sucking on my fat boy. I hold her head on it making her suck it hard. She smokes and strokes my cock until I bust a good load in her mouth. She stays on it holding all my cum in her mouth. She lies back and releases my load down her chest

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